After a massive storm hits, homeowners need to be prepared to act quickly when it comes to assessing the damage done to their home. Our Iowa roofing company wants to help make this process less stressful by giving homeowners a thorough property evaluation outlining relevant storm damage and then provide options with our roofing financing process.

According to Home Advisor, the average price of a roof replacement can range between $5,100 to $10,000, and sometimes expenses can be as high as $30,000! Unfortunately, the price of a new roof can get expensive quickly, depending on what options you choose. These are the top three factors that determine the price of a new roof:

  • Square Footage – Roofers price their materials in 100-foot squares, so the more coverage on your roof will mean a higher cost.
  • Types of Shingles – There are many different types of shingles to choose from, and the durability and functionality of each will have an affect on the final price – this is something for homeowners to keep in mind when they’re looking for roofing financing.
  • Damage – The extent of damage you’ve experienced from a storm will have a direct correlation with the number of repairs you’ll need to cover.

Work with a Local Roofing Company that Offers Financing

If there’s property damage from a weather event, homeowners may not have to pay for the entire cost of a new roof. With verifiable storm damages, it is possible your homeowner’s insurance will cover part or all of your roof replacement cost. But don’t worry, even if your roof replacement insurance claim does not cover the full cost, we have roof financing options to help ease the financial burden. While you’re waiting for the insurance company to assess your request, we can help you assess your options and begin the process of reviewing financing options. Even if your roof replacement insurance claim is approved, keep in mind you’ll still need to pay your deductible. Depending on the amount of your deductible, having checked financing options will come in handy. Storm damage can happen at the most inconvenient time, having your financing options already prepared will help give you peace of mind when facing a large deductible on short notice. Beware of roofing companies that claim they can waive your deductible, that’s not how this works and they are breaking the law!

Ask a Roofing Company With Financing Options to Inspect Roof Damage

A professional roof inspection will ensure that you receive an expert opinion, proper documentation and a partner who will ensure your roof replacements and repairs are done well.

Roof Financing Options from Superstorm Restoration

Superstorm Restoration is a Owens Corning Platinum Preferred roofing contractor. This means our customers can enjoy the flexible roof financing and payment options offered through Service Finance, their preferred partner. Service Finance Company, LLC specializes in making home projects more affordable by providing versatile roof financing options for customers of Owens Corning roofing contractors. Their selection includes over 30 loan choices, which makes it easy to find a plan that will work for you with low monthly payment options available.

Contact Superstorm Restoration to Discuss Your Roof Financing Options

Our experts want to help you with your roof financing options! If you’re unsure how to proceed after you notice roof damage or have questions about roofing companies that finance repairs and replacements, contact our team at one of our office locations to schedule a free property evaluation with Superstorm Restoration today!