Performing Drone Roof Inspections Across Iowa

Roof damage sneaks up on you. From the ground, it might look like you don’t have missing shingles or leaks, but seeing your roof from above tells a different story. That’s why the Iowa roofing contractors at Superstorm Restoration conduct a drone roof inspection after every single home evaluation.

Our free home evaluations begin with a complete inspection of your home’s exterior. We will walk around and record the condition of your shingles, soffit and fascia, edging, ventilation and more, noting any features that need repairs. Then, we go up on the roof and identify any roof damage caused by hail, high winds or natural wear-and-tear.

The Benefits of a Drone Roof Inspection

After we have completed our evaluation, we will fly our drone above your home to takes pictures of your roof. The drone pictures record the condition of your roof, which is information you may need if you choose to file an insurance claim. These pictures are the evidence you need when you submit an insurance claim for roof repair or replacement.

How Does the Drone Provide Proof of Damage?

In a 10-15 minute flight, our drone takes highly-accurate photographs of your roof. The information we obtain from a drone inspection allows us to explain in detail what we found so you can see the exact condition of your roof. These photographs are analyzed and used as data points to assess your roof damage. The literal birds-eye-view we grab of your home can go to your insurance agent to give them this same perspective — a measure of accountability that can give you the most accurate assessment of damage to your house.

What Is The Best Drone For Roof Inspections?

A number of different drones are suitable for roof inspections, but Superstorm Restoration trusts Kespry drones. A drone needs to have the following features in order to effectively assist with a roof inspection:

  • Long battery life
  • High definition camera
  • Long flying range

Can Drones Measure Roofs?

With the help of certain software, a drone can take accurate measurements of a roof’s square footage and surface area, pitch, slope and other roof features. Drones equipped with cameras can capture images of a roof to help inspectors diagnose any roof issues while assessing the size of the area that will need to be replaced. In this instance the drone is serving a dual purpose.

How Much Do Drone Roof Inspections Cost?

According to Thumbtack, the nationwide average cost for a drone roof inspection is $150 – $400. When you choose Superstorm Restoration, our drone inspection is free. We’re here to help you identify damage to your house. This information and data can help you in your process of getting the damage approved for a new roof. After we capture the data and photos from our evaluation, we will have this information as a record of the condition of your property and as a baseline for any future damages, issues or needs as they come up. If you think more damage has occurred, we’ll have a copy to compare before and after pictures.

Routine Drone Inspections Keep Your Roof in Good Health

You might have heard us say it before, but we recommend regular property evaluations and drone inspections, regardless of storms or damage. Just like a visit to the doctor to make sure you’re in good shape, we want to do routine inspections of your roof for two main reasons:

  • To create a baseline for your home’s health
  • To catch issues before they turn into major problems

Plus, thanks to our industry-leading drones, we have the technology to document your roof damage (and repair) from year to year, creating a digital timeline of storm damage and home improvement. Instead of point-in-time pictures, these longitudinal pictures can directly track the differences in your roof over one, five or ten years, or even more.

Why does that matter? Pictures captured from routine home evaluations and drone inspections will be invaluable to you years down the road. If the time comes that you have outgrown your current home and want to sell, the photos will be there to back up the storm damage repairs and property improvements you’ve made. When a big storm rolls in, the same documentation will help to identify any new damage. Rest assured we have them stored securely in our system for when you need them.

Let Us Be Your Home Improvement Partner

Unlike out-of-town, storm-chasing roofers that will do a quick repair and never be seen again, we will be here for you even after your roof replacement is complete. Beware of any roofing companies that have rushed into town after a big storm or offer you too-good-to-be-true pricing. These companies are solely focused on collecting your money and moving on. We’ve even seen them go to the lengths of creating fake digital offices and phone numbers while they’re in town.

We are the hometown team that has had a “brick and mortar” office here for years. Our team was here before the storm, we will be here during the storm and we are definitely going to be here for years after the storm.

In many cases, we might meet for the very first time during the storm, but we’re committed to serving you long after. Next time you find damage to your gutters or need new soffit or fascia, we’ll be there to take a look. Even if you’re just genuinely curious about how your roof is holding up two years down the road, give us a call and we’ll fly the drone.

Get a Free Drone Roof Inspection

If you would like to keep your home in tip-top shape, contact Superstorm Restoration for your free property evaluation and drone inspection today!