Commercial Roofing Repair & Replacement

At Superstorm Restoration, we specialize in asphalt sloped commercial roof services. Whether you are in need of repair or replacement, our local Iowa commercial roofing contractors will handle the entire process from evaluations to providing a detailed scope of work and other information you will need in the unfortunate event that you decide to file an insurance claim, all the way through to the actual roofing work.

We specialize in working with homeowners associations, property management companies, and real estate development businesses. Superstorm Restoration is a Owens Corning Platinum Preferred roofing contractor, which means we’ve been verified and proving our dedication to great service for years.

Partner With Our Commercial Roofing Contractors

Just like our residential Iowa roofing services, we begin our partnership with a free property evaluation, during which our roofing contractors will identify the condition of your property’s roof and exterior as it sits that day. After the evaluation is complete, we perform drone roof inspections to photograph the property. This additional layer of data allows us to create a digital timeline of the condition of the property over time, as well as any acquired damage or improvements made to the property. Our drone data will help verify the damage to third parties.

We understand roof repairs and exterior services add up quickly, so we eliminate the guesswork by providing each of our clients and HOAs with a prioritized list of repairs. Some types of roof damage are a higher priority than others. Severe roof damage like rot, holes and missing shingles threaten properties with worse issues if not remedied; in our book, these are the essential, must-fix items. Repairs which are merely cosmetic are the lowest priority. As partners, we give you a log of every issue and assign it a priority status so you know where to allocate your budget.

Commercial Roof Repair Estimates Stored For When You Need Them

Superstorm Restoration makes it easy for you to revisit all storm damage repair information down the road. Storms don’t usually line up with your HOA annual budget. That’s why we give you convenient online access to all the photos, drone footage and estimates from our free property evaluation, to analyze when you’re ready. Rest assured, we will be available to discuss next steps whenever the time comes.

Let Us Coordinate Your Commercial Roofing

Lining up commercial roof repair is a big job. From Homeowners Associations to property managers and others, many parties need to be involved throughout the process. We want to take the burden off of you by being the one point of contact for every party involved.

When working with Homeowners’ Associations, our main goal is to help the board feel confident in choosing Superstorm Restoration. We will always take the time to help you find the best solution. We love sitting down and discussing what we’ve found during our property evaluation and how we can help.

Our Commercial Roofing Maintenance Plan

One of the best ways to prolong the life of your roof is to perform continual maintenance. When we are able to remedy problems early on, we find that quality roofs last longer before needing to be replaced. That’s why we offer a maintenance plan designed to cover those little fixes as they pop up. The Superstorm Restoration team will be there to help you with the repairs, and provide you with an annual free property evaluation. With each evaluation, we update your priority list so you know what repairs to address first.

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