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Windows are a home feature which are often overlooked when it comes to home improvement. Having properly sealed windows will increase energy efficiency as well as protect you and your family from outside conditions while providing natural light and a view. If you start to notice a draft coming from your windows or if they’ve been damaged from a storm, contact our exterior services professionals to see if it’s time for a full window replacement.

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6 Signs You Need a Full Window Replacement

Homeowners will start to notice they need to call a window replacement company when they notice a few of the following occurrences.

  • Your Home is Drafty – If it’s becoming more difficult to maintain a consistent temperature indoors, that could mean your windows are not properly sealed or your installation is wearing down.
  • Condensation Builds Up Between Window Panes – After a storm or when the temperatures shift, it’s normal to notice a bit of fogging along the window’s exterior. But if you begin to notice condensation building up between the two panes or on the interior side, that’s a sign you don’t have an adequate seal around the windows anymore.
  • It’s Difficult to Open and Shut Your Windows – As windows age, you may start to notice a bit of warping or tightness around them, making them harder to open or close. When a window is no longer functional, it’s time to contact a window replacement company near you.
  • You Hear Outside Noises – You’re bound to hear street traffic or other commotion around the neighborhood every once in a while. However, if you’re hearing softer noises or the interruptions are becoming more frequent, consider a full window replacement.
  • High Energy Bills – Similar to when you’re noticing inconsistent temperatures, you’re probably trying to make up for the colder interior by running the heat more often. A spike in energy costs is another sign for homeowners to tell if their installation or window seal is failing.
  • Chipped or Water Damaged Window Frames – Whether damage is caused from gradual wear and tear or following a severe storm, check your windows occasionally for signs of water stains, cuts and other types of damage.

If you feel like your windows and insulation are wearing down or have suffered damage, call Superstorm Roofing & Siding for a free property evaluation. After assessing the damages, we’ll offer our recommendations and even get started with a full window replacement if that’s the solution you choose.

Types of Windows for Homes

Superstorm Roofing & Siding provides full window replacements in Iowa for a wide variety of windows. If you’re looking for a specific type of window for your home, we’ll help bring that vision to life. Then once you choose the type of window you’d like in your home, the only thing left to choose is a vinyl, wood or fiberglass frame.

Single Hung Window

Single-Hung Windows

A single-hung window has a fixed top sash, while the bottom section is operable and can be slid up.

Double Hung Window

Double-Hung Windows

This type of window provides homeowners with options since its top sash can be lowered and the bottom can be raised as well.

Casement Window

Casement Windows

Casements are known to hinge at the sides and open up from the center

Awning Window

Awning Windows

The awning window is hinged at the top, so it sticks out when open.

Slider Window

Slider Windows

Similar to the single-hung windows, sliding windows have one fixed sash and another that slides, but this type of window slides side to side.

Bay Bow Window

Bay/Bow Windows

If you’re looking for a comfy spot to look out to a scenic view, these types of windows in a home will definitely catch attention.

Picture Window

Picture Windows

Picture windows work well in homes that overlook a beautiful landscape.

Privacy Window

Privacy Windows

This type of window is a great touch to add in bathrooms or any room you’d like extra privacy or a unique accent window.

Specialty Window

Specialty Windows

If you’re looking to add a statement, consider a specialty window. This type of window in the home is usually circular or curved.

What’s The Cost of a New Window Replacement?

According to Home Advisor, the average cost of a full window replacement is between $300-$700 for each window, assuming the window replacement is going into an existing framer. Some of the cost of a full window replacement could potentially be covered by insurance depending on the condition of the window and the type of situation. Additionally, it is extremely important that the property owner knows the brand, type of window, as well as the installation date with a receipt of some type to get the maximum coverage.

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