Superstorm Restoration’s Story

Our History

Superstorm Restoration began as a fledgling construction company in 1998. It was a dream instilled in our bloodline from the farm fields of north-central Iowa. We took the passion of weather, combined it with the work ethic and knowledge gained through years of experience in the new construction trades of carpentry.

In the fall of 2011, a severe hail storm hit our personal neighborhood, and we quickly noticed the lack of contractors that could help us understand all aspects of the damage and necessary repairs needed for our house.

We searched the Midwest for the finest and most qualified individuals putting together a team of Iowa roofing contractors to protect local families in the aftermath of these severe weather events. Creating a team from Missouri, Colorado, and Iowa, we have come together with a combined 120 years of construction experience from commercial and residential construction to handyman services.

Our team has one goal in mind: teaching and educating families, protecting them from the unscrupulous contractors and providing families with the detailed estimates and information they need on roof and exterior damage to their homes. We know this information is essential to homeowners as they work independently with their insurers and mortgage companies.

Who We Serve

Superstorm Restoration has offices in Central IowaCedar Rapids and the Quad Cities, allowing our roofing teams to serve property owners in Central and Eastern Iowa areas. We’re proud to serve these communities with year-round property evaluation options and repairs when an unexpected storm hits or as a home ages.

While we began in Des Moines, Superstorm Restoration is excited to offer the same personal roofing and exterior services to residents and property owners on the Eastern side of Iowa!

What Sets Us Apart

Our approach is unique in that it prioritizes teaching and educating families and property owners. We want to take care of your property, and you can trust our local roofing company. With our experience in the claims process, a passion to help families and through fine-tuning, we came up with Superstorm Restoration’s effective system for property evaluations and repairs.

Residential Roofing & Exterior Services

Whether you’re facing major damages after a storm, or you’re looking to spruce up your property after years of wear and tear, our local roofing contractors can provide you with a variety of roofing services. Before we advise any repairs, we’ll perform a free property evaluation to get a clear idea of the health of your roof and entire home.

Along with roof repairs and replacements, Superstorm Restoration has years of expertise performing exterior services that keep your home in top shape:

  • Gutter repair & replacement
  • Siding installation
  • Soffit & fascia services
  • Window replacement

Commercial Roofing

Our local commercial teams perform exceptional roofing and exterior services at a large-scale. All property owners will receive timely and professional services from our commercial roofing contractors.

Superstorm Restoration works to form strong relationships with our commercial clients that lead to a long-term partnership. We understand that roofing and exterior repairs can be a large expense, especially for property owners dealing with multiple buildings in various locations. By providing you with helpful data on your property’s health, we can help you plan for future projects and expenses.

Using Data for Better Property Evaluations

Our team of local roofing contractors uses state-of-the-art technology, both in the field and in the office, to serve families on each and every project. When you book an appointment with Superstorm Restoration, you can trust that you’re getting a full-scope look of your property with a drone roof inspection, as well as a detailed search of the exterior and the roof by our roofing experts.

Superstorm Restoration uses drones and other data inputs, such as county assessor data, weather reports, and more to provide high-quality property evaluations and keep records of roof damages. All data that our team collects is powered by Verified Data Analytics, a high-tech data analytics solution which brings together multiple data inputs for a thorough evaluation.

Certified Roofing Experts

Superstorm Restoration has always been dedicated to providing exceptional roofing services, and we are recognized as a Owens Corning Platinum Preferred roofing contractor. This means we’ve been verified and meet the high standards for service, reliability, safety and craftsmanship to be part of the top tier of roofing professionals.

Our elite status sets your expectations for a professional roofing job that will last for years to come, and provides peace of mind that you’ve chosen the right contractor for the job. View some of our local roofing projects in the Des Moines & Cedar Rapids areas.

Our Streamlined Approach

Superstorm Restoration’s years of experience and high-tech solutions allow us to give homeowners and property owners our best work. When you reach out to one of our local roofing crews, you can expect professionalism and timely services in every step of our process:

  1. Our team evaluates your property for free.
  2. We capture photos and footage with a drone roof inspection that we review with you.
  3. Our thorough evaluation gives you detailed information about the health of your property.
  4. Our roofing contractors provide you with options regarding the extent and cost of the repairs for your property.
  5. We help you choose color and materials which will elevate the appearance of your home and stand up to the toughest wear and tear.
  6. Our crews complete your roof repair or replacement, leaving behind no mess and a roof which looks good-as-new.
  7. We perform the final inspection to ensure our high standards are met.

Building Long-Term Relationships

Superstorm Restoration will be around long-term. We’re not a roofing company that travels from city to city to chase the latest storm – we’re here to help property owners within our local communities. Our roofing contractors provide free annual property evaluations or timely appointments if you just need a quick check after a storm. Let us be your long-term partner in keeping your home in good health!

Contact Your Local Roofing Contractors at Superstorm Restoration

Storm damage and traditional wear and tear can affect your home, but you can trust our professional roofing company to help you plan for repairs and make your property’s health a priority. Contact one of our local offices to talk to a Superstorm Restoration team member.