Exterior Services

Superstorm Restoration’s Iowa home exterior contractors service the whole exterior of customers’ properties. Whether you need new siding, windows or more, we’re here to handle all exterior home maintenance services so you don’t have to deal with finding new contractors for every repair your home needs. As an added bonus, you can trust that our local contractors will be around when you need us. We have office locations in Des MoniesCedar Rapids and Davenport, and our experts help surrounding areas with their exterior service needs.

Our process always begins with a free home evaluation. Superstorm Restoration’s trained team members will record the condition of your property and identify any damage. After we complete the evaluation, we will walk you through what we found, and what we can do to help. Learn more about our services or schedule your free evaluation to get started today.


How do you know when it’s time to replace the siding on your house? Our free property evaluation will detect any damage and identify if exterior home maintenance services are necessary. However, there are signs that homeowners can look for on their siding that indicate it’s time to call our siding contractors of Des Moines, Cedar Rapids or Davenport to step in for a replacement: chips, dents, cracks, blistering, warping, mold, mildew, structural damage and insect damage. Our home exterior contractors are qualified to provide homeowners with a variety of new siding options.

Gutter Replacement

Seamless rain gutters protect the perimeter of your home by collecting water runoff from the roof and rerouting it away from the home’s exterior. This safeguards your property from water damage, which could cause even more issues down the road. If you’re not getting the protection you need, it’s time to consider a gutter replacement. We provide seamless gutter installation services for both 5″ and 6″ seamless rain gutter sizes, and we are proud to offer Gutterglove Gutter protection and Ice Breaker products.

Soffit repair & replacement

Sometimes it can be difficult to know when you need a new soffit and fascia or other exterior replacements. Our experts like to take the guessing game out of exterior home maintenance services by providing property evaluations and educating homeowners on what indicators to look for. If you need a new soffit and fascia, we provide custom-made wraps for both soffits, windows and more. We’ll make sure the fit is correct for your individual soffit and fascia replacement project. Contact our home exterior contractors for more information.


Homeowners want to make sure they have high-quality windows and doors to protect the interior of their home from the elements of the outdoors. Our window and door contractors offer a wide variety of styles and options for your home. From practical to elegant, we’ll show you appealing window and door replacement options to add a personal touch to your home that will meet your budget.

insulation services

We prioritize the significance of a properly insulated attic in enhancing energy efficiency, comfort, and maintaining overall home health. Our team of specialists offers thorough attic inspections and top-tier insulation services, ensuring your home remains resilient against external elements. Learn why blown-in insulation stands out as the premier option for optimizing your attic’s insulation needs.