Winter is Coming… Is Your Roof Ready?

We’re quickly approaching the end of the summer season, and while that means tailgating and the leaves changing colors, it also means roofers are busy.

Currently, almost 50% of roofers are booked until the end of the year and they’re working sun-up to sundown. A full schedule is great for their business, but frustrating for people still waiting to repair roof damage. Once the cold weather sets in, having a functional roof overhead is even more important. Poor roofing and exposed storm damage can lead to more severe problems if not addressed before the winter months.

A damaged roof can be a result of wind or hail from severe weather. Which can lead to hidden problems within the interior structure of the home. Why get caught in this situation when a simple phone call can get you an inspection in no time?

Now we don’t mean to make this sound frightening; we just know the severity and frustrations that come with a damaged roof once we move into the fall. It’s with this in mind that we started Superstorm Restoration, a local Des Moines company, dedicated to repairing storm damage when it’s needed the most.

We’re a Different Kind of Company

You see, we work with a team of contractors to make sure roofing and storm damage repair is handled quickly and efficiently. This ensures that your house is safe during the winter.

Whether it’s our drone inspections, or our meticulous clean-up of nails in your yard (you can watch how we do it here), we believe in doing things differently.

Waiting can be dangerous with the cold just around the corner — give us a call and we can schedule an inspection. The sooner your roof damage is repaired, the better. Don’t get caught too late in the season!