Christmas lights on roof

Christmas Season Roof Damage

As we approach the Christmas holiday the sounds and smells of the seasons are all around us.  The smell of baked Christmas cookies just pulled out of the oven, that freshly cut tree decorated with all the Christmas décor.  Candles that mom has placed throughout the house with cinnamon and apple sent filling your home.  As you walk into your favorite local store you hear the sounds of bells ringing letting you know Santa will be here soon.


Outside the air is crisp as you begin your annual decorating of the house.  After pulling out the Christmas light container you begin the yearly battle of untangling and then finding that 1 light that is not working.  Yes… it is that time of year that we all love.

With all the holiday spirit and effort to make your home have the feel and look of the season has anyone ever explained the best way to prepare your home without damaging your home? 

Decorating for Christmas without Damaging your Home

“Damaging my home? What do you mean? I’m just putting up some lights and garland…” Is what we commonly hear.  Yet, through out the year as our team does our annual inspection of homes, we see the tell all signs of the neighborhood Clark Griswold.

Foot traffic is a MAJOR cause of roof damage.  Not wearing the proper footwear causes considerable damage to roofs.  It is not as significant on lower sloped roofs. However, those steep sloped garage gables and front dormers on your home that many love to outline with lights get damages very easily.  Many of you who install your lights know the spots we speaking of as you can recall the fear of sliding as you reached over the edge of the roof to clip that on light in as you scrabble up to install the next.

Gutter & shingle clips that hold your lights in place.  Many do not consider that these clips damage your gutters and shingles.  How?  Your gutter damage is mainly cosmetic with scraps and markings from the clips and lights rubbing up against them from December & some of January’s cold winter winds.  Your shingle damage can be much more significant.  Depending on how you install your clips you will remove granules that protect your underlayment of the shingles from ultraviolet rays that over time damage your shingle matting. Other times in the installation process you can actually tear the shingle and in some cases the seal will break between the shingle.

Ice damming can be a direct result from the decorations and light you have put on your home.  Ice damming is the creation of a “dam of ice” which in many cases is caused by the lights or garland on the roof stopping the melting water.  This can cause the water to build up under the shingles until water penetrates into your home. 

Today there are many products on the market that take into consideration the value of your home and protecting it from damages.  It is important to research and know the pros and cons of “How” the product performs and effects your home.  Definitely use common sense to save your home being damaged.

There are many companies today that you can hire to install your lights on your home.  Take the time and question their installation techniques.  Ask important questions on what steps they are taking to save damage from happening to your home.   Are they wearing shoes or boots that have soles that are designed to be on a roof with? What type of clips are they using?  Are they attached to your roof shingles or are they attached to the rakes and eaves?

Merry Christmas to All & Take it Easy on Your Roof!

We love the Christmas season and the sounds and smells and lights.  Its has to be one of the greatest time of the year.  We also care about your home and getting the most from your investment.  Remember this season not to take years off the length of your homes roof.  You may find that yearly tradition is costing you much more than an electric bill.