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What To Know When Filing A Homeowners Insurance Claim

I’ll be honest with you, insurance isn’t the most exciting subject, but it’s a subject that’s better to be informed about before a hail storm has damaged your home.

Filing an insurance claim for storm damage or a homeowners claim may sound complicated, but with the right knowledge beforehand, the process is simpler than you think.

In this post we’ll cover what you should know when filing a homeowners insurance claim and the process from start to finish.

Review Your Policy

Before you go about filing a claim, make sure to review your policy — you never know what changes may have happened once your policy was renewed. Check for an documentation of prior damages, as well. Photos, inspections or receipts from work previously performed can help simply the process. The best situation to be in when filing a claim is prepared in advance.

Understanding your policy requirements and what is covered by your insurance company should be your next step. This may be the most important aspect of a claim. Insurance companies may differ on what qualifies as damage to your home and the options they provide could be the difference in your claim being approved or denied. This is when having a restoration contractor on-call is handy. These contractors, like Superstorm Restoration, have experience working with insurance companies and can tell you what is covered.

Compare the value of filing a claim compared to not filing a claim. Storm damage doesn’t always warrant filing a claim. Avoid small issues, or “incidentals,” which have the same deductible as a larger issues and can possibly raise your premiums.

For example, if you have a $2,000 deductible and the damage is $3,000, it might be better to avoid filing. Once you file a claim, you must find the value that filing the claim brings you. In this example it would not be in your interest in filing a claim. However, if you find after your contractor does an inspection you have $10,000 to $12,000 worth of damages, it would be worth filing a claim.

How can you be sure that a claim is necessary? Have someone come out for a property inspection.

Get A Property Inspection

Remember, up to this point there’s no need to file a claim. A property inspection is simply an inspection to show you if something was damaged and whether it’s necessary to file a claim.

At Superstorm Restoration, we offer free property inspections and help you through the claims process. When you call us, we’ll have a representative come take a look at your home and present you with professional options. We’ve helped our customers with claims for hail damage, wind and all other types of storm damage insurance claims.

If I know my home is damaged, should I still get a property inspection?

In our experience, yes.

Take what we do with our drones as an example. After our initial property inspection, we fly a drone to photograph and capture data points from your roof. This data can then be presented to a claims adjuster, or insurance company, as additional documentation for your claim. It’s actual proof of the damage — an asset we’ve used again and again to give you the best chance to receive the money you need to restore your property back to its original condition.

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Filing A Homeowners Insurance Claim

Now that you’ve looked into your policy and had your property inspected, it’s time to get down to business and file a claim.

When you file a claim, the insurance company will send an adjuster to inspect your property. If you already have a contractor, it’s important that they meet with your insurance adjuster to discuss the scope of work that will be required to repair your property.

After the inspection, the adjuster will give you the loss statement with this scope of work listed for the damages along with your initial payment. This payment is generally for your contractor to be able to purchase materials and get the labor started.

Choosing A Contractor

At this point, choosing the proper contractor can really help. If you chose to get a free property inspection from Superstorm Restoration, you will receive help in the claims process. Our team has classroom and field experience when it comes to handling claims, and our relationships with insurance companies is extremely beneficial.

Instead of you having to deal with insurance, we meet with your adjuster to go over the details required to complete repairs. The only cost to you is your deductible.

You can always find someone who is cheaper, but the insurance check is covering the costs. Make sure you select a contractor who can handle the process and provide high-quality work.

Whether a storm has recently come through your area or you’re just being proactive, you can sign up for a free inspection today! We’ll be at your property in no time to assess any possible damages and provide you with the knowledge you need to make the right decision.

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